Kenkoh massage sandals harness the power of reflexology to keep the wearer’s feet in great condition. In addition, these sandals have a chic, contemporary aesthetic that makes them very stylish options for a beach holiday or a casual outfit.

Best Kenkoh Massage Sandals Review

What is Reflexology?

Dating back around five thousand years to the civilizations of ancient China, India and Egypt, reflexology was introduced to the Western world as a complementary therapy in the 1930s.

The practice of reflexology is founded on the assumption that certain areas of the hands and feet will correspond to certain other areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that massaging a certain spot on the foot, for instance, can stimulate good health in the liver or release tension in the spine.

Reflexology is, in sum, a non intrusive therapy that uses massage to promote the wellbeing of the human body and mind in a holistic manner.

How do Kenkoh massage sandals utilize reflexology?

These sandals are designed to massage your feet as you walk. This is achieved by the presence of several soft little bumps in the soles.

As a result, Kenkoh massage sandals feel very pleasant to walk on. And, as you walk, you will revitalize your whole body and mind thanks to the correspondences between the sole of the foot and the rest of the body.

Whether or not you are a huge fan of reflexology, there is no denying that these sandals feel amazing to wear, and give you a brilliant foot massage with every step that you take.

Are there any other advantages to choosing Kenkoh massage sandals?

These sandals will also satisfy environmentally conscious consumers as they are crafted from eco friendly materials. They also come in gorgeous bright and bold colors which give them a very fresh and modern look.

There are various sandal styles available in the Kenkoh range. The designers at Kenkoh have created flip flops, regular flat sandals and sandals suitable for light trekking or walking expeditions, too.

In addition, Kenkoh massage insoles are available to purchase from the Kenkoh store. These insoles can be inserted into any regular shoe (anything from a pair of heels to a pair of gumboots in fact) and used to ensure that you do not miss out on your daily sole massage no matter what type of shoes you are wearing.

Kenkoh makes sandals for both men and women. Unisex sandals, and options for teens and kids are also available.

Are there any groups of people that these sandals will be especially good for?

Kenkoh massage sandals are very good at relieving foot and joint pain. So, if you suffer from these conditions, investing in a pair of Kenkoh sandals is highly recommended.

For example, if you have sustained a sporting injury and are dealing with the resulting joint pain, a pair of Kenkoh massage sandals will help to manage, reduce and eliminate the pain. Or, if your job demands that you stay on your feet for many hours each day, a set of Kenkoh insoles will ensure that this does not take its toll on your joints and feet.

Sandals that feel great!

The bottom line is that these unique sandals give you the amazing pleasure and health benefits of a foot massage. And all that you need to do is walk!