About Us

The projects use a broad range of technologies -some commercially available and some custom designed. More importantly, work in and across the group juxtaposed or crossbred different types of art and design practices, including sculpture, video installation art, games, architecture, music, fashion design, etc.

During the first cycle (2001-2005) we deliberately worked without a common theme, relying instead on working towards the group exhibition using shared space and technical resources. We also shared some thematic concerns such as the body and the environment, ambiguity in interpersonal relations, the cooperative reception of works and site-specific integration. During the second cycle (2006-2010) we chose the idea of proxemics 1 as a way to produce works around a common theme that was intended as open and flexible rather than constraining.

What You Get


Hexaground, the Ottawa-based Institute for Research-Creation in Media Art and Technology, and made major contributions to its structure and financing over the years. She was co-founder of Interstices in 2000 and more recently has also co-founded the Techno-culture, Art and Games group (with professor Bart Szon). Jamie is currently a professional in Interactive Design and Games Innovation.